Lies Common In Dating Sites

03/11/2013 08:24

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The World Wide Web is a place where anyone can be who they want to be. And it is because of this thing that many people who frequent dating sites like this one here: online dating south africa would fill their profiles with lies. Here would be the most common lies, which often happen in online dating sites.

The Age

In dating sites like this one: internet dating cape town, age is often fabricated. They lie because they want other to think one they’re older or younger.

Person’s Height

Many men and women would tell lies about their height. Men would say they’re taller and women would say they’re shorter than what they really are. Well, this is understandable for women would prefer taller men while men do not want women who are taller than or as tall as them.


Not telling the truth about one’s weight is also one common lie. Women would do this most of the time. This is because they believe that they cannot entice any prospects if they carry too much weight.


If women would often lie about their weight, men would often lie about their physique. Sometimes, they would describe themselves as athletic, toned and fit. This is understandable for women love men who have good bodies.

Profession And Position

Men and women may falsify their jobs or position. Often times, men would promote themselves or give themselves higher titles to impress women. Women on the other hand would put in their profile that they have lower job positions so that men would not feel insecure.


Most of the time, women prefer men with good income. Because of this, many men would lie about the money they make. Men think that doing this thing is acceptable.


Interests and hobbies are often among the frequent lies in online dating sites. They’d lie about this thing for they believe having such hobbies would make them more pleasing.


Another common lie is the photos on dating sites. It is the most deceptive thing in profiles. Photos can be misleading, edited, false or not a recent one.

Yes, there are more lies in dating sites, however, the ones listed above often happens. When it comes to online dating, it is important to be cautions when it comes to the profiles of prospects.