Hiring Moving Companies, Something I Fear

07/03/2013 09:54
Considering moving in San Diego is really scary. This is because you hire strangers for your moving needs. You’ll never know that the stranger you let in inside your house and carry your things might cause problems to you. Perhaps, you’d see your furniture or appliances broken because of these strangers. If you have fragile objects, they might be mishandled. The worst thing that could happen is losing something because of theft.

When we were moving out, I was having this fear of hiring movers. We have antique furniture, a piano and expensive appliances, which are precious to us. We also had several large pots and vases that are extremely fragile. I don’t want any of them being damaged due to poor handling. Since I thought hiring movers is a bad thing, I asked our friends to help us move our stuff.

This thing is not a good idea according to my friend. According to a friend of mine, letting non-professionals do hauling is more dangerous to consider. Even if I hire strangers, it is still best to hire professionals. With professional movers, they know how to properly handle appliances, furniture and fragile items when moving. Moreover, they also have insurance, which will provide protection to me and my belongings.

I changed my mind because of this. Though, it was still scary for me to hire professional movers, I considered such service. Fortunately, I ended up hiring a known reliable moving company in our area. Because of this, not only I was able to move into our new house conveniently, all of our belongings were safe and all accounted for.